JCSC Foundation Board Membership For 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

We are looking for individuals who are interested in supporting our efforts to assist Seniors in maintaining a healthy, active and meaningful lifestyle. The process to apply for Foundation Board Membership is shown below.



1. Every Board Applicant must go to and then go to the GOVERNMENT SECTION. Then go to the BOARDS AND COMMITTEES SECTION. In this section you will find the Online Application for Boards and Committees. Every applicant MUST fill out the application and select JOHNSON CITY SENIOR CENTER FOUNDATION BOARD as the Board you wish to serve on.

After completing the application the applicant should receive a confirmation email from the City stating that they have received their application.

2. After your application is received the application will go to the Foundation Executive Board and then the Full Board for discussion and vote. This will happen at the next scheduled meeting of the Foundation Board.

3. If approved the application is then sent for information at the next City Commission meeting following approval. The application will be reviewed by the City Commission and if there are any questions from the Commissioners those will be addressed by a member of the Foundation Board.

4. After that City meeting the item will then be placed on the next City Commission meeting for approval.

5. If the applicant is approved he/she will receive a formal approval letter from the City and will be added to the Foundation Board.

Since this process can take 2 to 3 months we encourage applicants who have been approved by the Foundation Executive Committee to attend Foundation Board meetings and get involved with the Foundation activities. The applicant will be allowed to attend the Foundation meeting but will not be allowed to vote until full City approval is completed.