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  • Is the Senior Foundation Inc. Johnson City a non Profit and who does it benefit?
    The Senior Foundation is a 501 c3 Non-Profit organization established in 1993 and the primary beneficiary’s of its fundraising activities are Seniors, individuals over 55 years of age, who reside in Washington, Sullivan, Carter and Unicoi counties in Tennessee.
  • Who makes up the membership of the Foundation?
    The members of the Senior Foundation are non-paid volunteers who reside in the area served by the Foundation and generally consist of a mix of active community leaders and retired individuals who are committed to meeting the needs of seniors.
  • Is the Senior Foundation part of the City or the Senior Center?
    The Senior Foundation is not part of the Johnson City government nor part of the Johnson City Senior Center though its efforts to support Seniors is coordinated with area Senior Centers and results in enhancing programs such as the Health Coordinator position.
  • How can I get involved or support the Senior Foundation Inc. JC?
    There are a number of ways to get involved one is donations to the Foundation which will be used to support it ongoing efforts, another is to become an active member of the Foundation Board. We are always looking for individuals who want to work on Senior issues and finally you can volunteer to help with some of our special fundraising events.
  • Do you have to be 55 or older to get involved?
    No we have Board members who’s age ranges from 30 to 80 and we have volunteers from local high schools and colleges who have helped us run our special events and programs.
  • What is the objective of the Senior Foundation Inc. JC?
    Our objective is to continue to find ways to support our seniors and allow them to live an active, meaningful and healthy life. The Foundation supports the needs of individuals over 55 who reside in Washington, Sullivan, Carter and Unicoi counties. Our approach is twofold, first includes supporting seniors who utilize the area Centers and a second broader approach is annually to directly provide food, household products and personal hygiene items to low income and disabled seniors and their family. This is done through the efforts of a large group of volunteers who go out and personally deliver the items to seniors as well as spend time with them. The Foundation recognizes that the number of seniors in our area is increasing and so are their needs.
  • If I am interested being on the Foundation Board what do I need to do?
    Applications for the Board go through the Cities application process which can be accessed through their website under Boards and Committees there is an online application.
  • Is the Senior Foundation the same as the Johnson City Senior Center Foundation?
    Yes in 2023 there has been a re branding of the old Johnson City Senior Center Foundation and it is now called the Senior Foundation Inc. Johnson City. This was done to reflect an expanding of the areas that the new Senior Foundation is planning to provide asssistance.
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